Being a young woman in the city
from Laurent Hasson
written at 2007.05.07_22.44.09 in New York City, USA
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Maybe those young women who came should post comments in the guestbook and say what they thought about the auditions and i hope everybody felt comfortable and safe. Short of offering little cakes and some brandy, i hope to have been hospitable and nice to everybody.

But i completely understand if a young woman refuses to come for perceived security reasons. It's New York City after all, and unless you have a black belt and some mace, being a young woman walking around in the evening, or coming to someone's private apartment, can be a tough proposition. Additionally, this business certainly built up a pretty bad reputation around auditions over the years. Be assured there is no couch in my office!

Yours truly,
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From Carolina on 2007.05.10_10.22.55 in New York, NY