Discovering something about oneself
from Laurent Hasson
written at 2009.08.05_00.54.48 in New York City, USA
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Then came Animation. I thought i could really use the same process. I have thought about the movie non stop for many years now. I have every single camera movement, angle, and shot all in my head for each second of the story. So i figured i could just sit down a few hours here and there, work on the animation, and make slow and steady progress on it. I have always been fine with taking my time and if i needed a year, then so be it.

It didn't happen this way. Maybe it's just because i never did animation before and i am still unfamiliar with the tools, or maybe it's because Animation is just hard to actually do, every time i have sat down, i was never able to make steady progress. A couple of hours of work really never got me started on anything. And so, Time Flies has languished, and i kept getting more and more frustrated about it.

Now that i have realized that, i need a new strategy. Either i need to structure my time differently and spend blocks of 5-10hours at a time (i can't seem to be able to do it piecemeal like everything else i do), or i need to actively look for help again.

I have learnt something about myself and how my brain works, and hopefully, i can change my schedule/behavior so i can complete Time Flies.
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